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Cool Room Experts and Upgrade facilitiesCommercial cool rooms are a vital utility for many businesses involved in the food services industry. From large-scale retailers to local restaurants, they allow business owners to maximize their storage solutions and keep up with high customer demand. At Frankii Refrigeration, we have been involved in the installation, maintenance and repairs of many cool rooms. With over 15 years of experience operating in Sydney, we deliver on quality, timely service, so that your business can continue to function smoothly.

If you’re looking to install your first commercial refrigeration cool room, we offer expert advice and support that’s specially catered towards how your business operates and the premise it stands upon. We understand the various needs and requirements of different industries, which is why we work closely with all of our customers to incorporate unique solutions into each individual project.

When you contact us for an enquiry into our services, you can arrange an onsite inspection so that we can closely examine the premise. From there, we provide a comprehensive report and analysis that clearly outlines the type of setup that best suits your commercial property. Once we’ve established a plan that satisfies the requirements of your business, our expert technicians can then commence integrating a sophisticated new cool room into your existing workplace.

For those who operate an existing cool room, we offer a wide-scope of services catered towards maximizing the efficiency of your current space. If you’re looking to upgrade or relocate, we can work with you to implement a solution that complements your workplace environment. With the increasing demands of any growing business, we understand it’s often necessary to upgrade existing facilities in order to maintain customer’s needs. With Frankii Refrigeration, we streamline this process by implementing strategies that make full use of the existing facilities, which can be smoothly integrated into new cool room installations and modifications.

Are you experiencing performance or technical issues with your commercial cool room? At Frankii Refrigeration, we’re readily equipped to handle any maintenance jobs that come our way. Throughout our 15+ years of experience, we’ve provided repairs and services for a wide range of different cool rooms. From large-scale industrial setups to small commercial spaces, our wealth of knowledge and expertise can be applied to almost any cool room environment.

Always Available

At Frankii Refrigeration, we understand how costly a malfunctioning unit can be to any business, which is why we proudly operate our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that you can expect timely assistance at any hour of the day, no matter how big or small the task may be. That’s because we care about the integrity of each business we work with, by ensuring that their operations can remain stable even during the most urgent situations. A good business demands consistent upkeep on all their services, which is what we strive to achieve with each job we approach.

Over the past 15 years, our commitment to quality has seen us continually grow throughout the NSW region. Newtown is home to a wealth of entertainment and bustling local businesses. It is also the centre of widespread cultural activity, from live music, to theatre and a regular series of festivals and sport events. With such a plethora of active food services and venues, the demand for functional storage solutions has naturally increased alongside customer growth.

So if you’re a business owner looking to install your first commercial cool room, expand upon your existing space or require maintenance services, contact Frankii Refrigeration on 0411 302 715 today and discover what we can do for your business.