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Commercial Cool Rooms Newtown

With over 15 years of experience in installing and maintaining Commercial Cool Rooms Newtown – Frankii Refrigeration are the experts in cooling solutions.

Commercial cool rooms are a vital resource for storing different kinds of chilled food and beverages. And depending on the kind of business you run, you’ll have very specific requirements in order to maintain a consistent supply of stock. Aspects including room size, power capacity and your layout greatly influence how well your cool room operates.

We take a personalised approach to your business needs. By evaluating every aspect of your premise, we establish a cost-effective solution that keeps you and your customers happy.

Cool Room Installation

Everything starts with a beautifully designed cool room. We design rooms that are spacious and allow you to store chilled goods in a clutter-free environment. And they’re made easily accessible for your employees, so they can safely transfer and store stock with ease.

We make the best use of your environment and seamlessly integrate a new cool room into the existing premise. With proper planning and a well-executed work schedule, we ensure your cool room meets your workflow requirements and deliver the lowest running costs.

Every aspect of your project is carefully planned and scheduled according to your wishes. We establish a schedule that outlines what tasks need to be completed and their deadline. And we ensure all OH&S standards are met throughout the building procedure.

24 Hour Cool Room Maintenance

Is your cool room not performing like it used to? We recommend having your cool room inspected at least once per year. When you arrange a scheduled appointment with us, we perform a thorough inspection and service of your cool room.

We perform a variety of safety checks and service or replace crucial components. Other aspects such as electrical wiring, pipes, filters, fan blades and refrigeration seals are all closely inspected and approved as well.

If you’re experiencing a major malfunction with your cool room, call us on 0411 302 715 and we’ll arrange a technician to visit your premise ASAP. Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day all year round.

About Newtown

Newtown is closely located to the Sydney CBD and other surrounding areas. King Street is one of Newtown’s most popular destination, as it features a wealth of cafés, restaurants, bars and commercial stores to explore.

During our 15 years of experience, we’ve helped establish new businesses and upgraded many outdated cool room infrastructures. Our personally tailored cooling solutions and 24 hour emergency services, have established us as one of Sydney’s most trustworthy cool room specialists.

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To enquires about our Commercial Cool Rooms Newtown and 24 hour maintenance services, call 0411 302 715 and we’ll gladly help you. You can also email us at and enquire about any of our other services.

For all enquiries about our Commercial Refrigeration Newtown services, call us on 0411 302 715 and we’ll arrange an appointment with you.