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Cool Room Repairs Stanmore

Interruptions can be costly to your business. At Frakii Refrigeration, we know the importance of minimal down time. It’s why we’re always on call to our customers for their cool room repairs in Stanmore

24 hours a day, 7 days a week – every day of the year!

Whether your business is a café, a club, a restaurant or a food wholesaler, Frankii Refrigeration can help you with your cool room repairs.

When something goes wrong, your call to our emergency breakdown and repair service is our cue to get you back up and running – fast.

Need Urgent Cool Room Repairs? Call 0411 302 715.

Repair Services

Frankii Refrigeration provides fast onsite support and repairs for all types of commercial cool rooms across Sydney.

No job is too small - our highly qualified refrigeration and electrical technicians perform repairs from minor door seal replacements through to reconditioning.

Our trusted cool room repair service includes:

➢    Replacement of worn or ill-fitting door seals

 We replace your refrigerator door seals to ensure a tight fit. Wear and tear from frequently opening and closing the door can lead to poor seals, cracks and tears. Newly sealed doors help your fridge to operate at peak performance; keeping your stock cool.

➢    Replacement or repair of condenser coils

 To maintain the integrity of your cooling system, we may need to replace clogged or broken condenser coils. This will assist your cooling system to maintain a consistent temperature and can minimise the chance of breakdown.

➢    Inspection of electrical connection

It is important to maintain the safety and function of the electrical connections. We inspect your system to ensure your connections are corrosion free and are performing properly.

➢    Calibration of the thermostat

We ensure your thermostat is calibrated and accurate. This is important to assist in energy savings, and the storage quality and product life of your stock. It also helps to decrease your refrigerator’s motor stress.

Commitment to Service

 Your commercial cool room is critical to the success of your business. It is recommended that your equipment is maintained by our service technicians who provide quality care of your refrigerator needs.

 In the rare event of breakdown or fault, you can rely on Frankii Refrigeration to respond fast to your cool room repairs in Stanmore. We will have you up and running, efficiently and with minimal impact to your customers and stock.

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If you are experiencing a fault with your commercial cool room, call Frankii Refrigeration. With our fast response times and quick repairs, you will be glad you did.

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We are happy to provide further information about our cool room repairs in Stanmore. For a quick reply, email [email protected].